Local organising committee

M. Cristinziani (chair)

V. Gebhardt (secretary)

V. Kostyukhin

T. Lenz





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Your stay in Bonn

The venue is in Poppelsdorf. A number of hotel rooms in Poppelsdorf has been pre-booked for "ATLAS" until March 2016. 

Please note that you have to get in contact and book your accomodation by yourself.

Make sure to indicate "ATLAS" and the exact dates of arrival and departure. Prices are per day and include breakfast.

Hotel President

15 superior rooms  and

15 comfort rooms pre-booked


109€ (superior)

99€ (comfort)

Hotel Villa Esplanade

10 rooms pre-booked


86 €

Hotel Kurfürstenhof

20 rooms pre-booked


85 €

Hotel mypoppelsdorf

10 rooms pre-booked


76 €

Hotel Krug

15 rooms pre-booked 


65 €



















Other possible economic accomodation include the ibis hotel (64 €) and max hostel (from 26 €)

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